mixed media. photography and painting. i take lots of photos, edit, then print on large archival canvas. each painting in this series begins with a photo as canvas. a remarkable photo takes on an entirely new context as a canvas and my reactions to the moment then and now are expressed in layers of paint (on the photo) until it feels right.

a selection from my photo painting series (shown below) made their debut at the recent Architectural Digest Design Show in New York along with the new sculptural ceramics. the response to the paintings was tremendous as was the opportunity to show in such a remarkable venue.  more to come...

art. whitney

WHITNEY STREET. 28"x40" mixed media


NO.2 ALLEN. 28"x40" mixed media 


GANESVOORT MARKET. 40"x28" mixed media


12OZ PROFIT. 24"x24" mixed media

art. southst

SOUTH STREET. 20"X28" mixed media


GANESVOORT RED. 44"x34" mixed media


for more information please contact gail garcia. 917.617.0166